The Glory of Chisciotte from The House of Awaad e awwad

It’s not Just a Brand!

A recent study done at The University of Toronto revealed that the memories triggered by our sense of smell tend to be more vivid and intense than the ones triggered by other senses. Being the most sensitive of all the senses, people are willing to spend millions on a scent they can smell to calm their minds. Chisciotte is probably the name you would have heard of in the recent past years if you are one such fine human being who loves to smell good. Mild, soothing, and distinct, these are the compliments people around the globe have given to this brand. Belonging from the all-time famous House of Awaad, this newly established brand has surely made the world go after it owing to its unique scents made with ultra-pure oils and extracts. But to sustain this success, in the long run, is a whole new skill that needs to be mastered. Awaad e awaad is the name responsible for the success of The House of Awaad, hence Chisciotte. Having a background in Economics along with Business and Management majors helped Awaad a lot in making the brand survive this sheer competition. Awaad had already been around the world hence he knew how to project and position the business at the dominant side of the market. He correctly judged this new trend of minimalism in the 2010s and hence laid the theme of this new brand around it. He made sure that the wearer of the perfume doesn’t feel any sort of burden or irritation that is, unfortunately, the case with the fragrances from several renowned houses and brands today.

Once Awaad saw that this perfume making venture of his went quite well, he decided to jump into other affiliated markets like those of jewelry, stones, apparels, and leather goods. Had the Corona not stricken the world with all its rage and destructive potential, the first line of Awaad’s leather bags would have already been displayed in showrooms worldwide, which will now be introduced by 2021. Alongside this, he is also working on designing his collection of sunglasses that he plans to unveil to the world by 2022. The strategy Awaad used here is to make people believe in you first, let them develop their trust in you, and then advertise them your other selling items. The House of Awaad has already made an indestructible reputation in the masses through its successful prodigies like Chisciotte.

As of now, the brand is making huge numbers in sales in the entire Turkey, Dubai, Qatar, and Lebanon. The response from the people is also quite encouraging. It is because of this encouragement that a facial energizing cream is also going to be launched by the brand within a few months that will keep your face all moisturized and jazzed up throughout the grind of the day. Other than this, the brand is already working on a whole new line of face care toiletries for men. Moreover, Awaad is also the first entrepreneur in this field to use modern-day pharmaceutical ways to produce fragrances on a mass-production scale. Trivially, most of the industries preferred the centuries old ways that consumed not only a lot of energy but also compromised quality. Perhaps this is the reason that not even a single perfume in the entire line of Chisciotte is known to cause any sort of allergy or respiratory problem.

Receiving compliments himself, Awaad laid the foundation of Chisciotte on the same principle of minimalism, like said before. To do so the brand is working in close collaboration with teams of experts from around the globe, one such team is of some millennials from Korea, who were also runners up in a competition. It is quite important to note here that one should follow his/her passion to turn it into a career later, just like Awaad did. He used to have more than a hundred and twenty bottles of perfumes and colognes in his closet. Collecting flavors from all the nations, the brand aims at being unique to the point that it becomes your signature to wear. “It’s all about the vibes”, says Awad in an interview.

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marking.

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