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Abdullah Raaj
5 min readMar 21, 2022

Visibility and Reliability

You can streamline your data management so that your organization’s data assets are more visible, making it easier to find the right data quickly and confidently. Through data visibility, your employees are able to find the data they need to better do their jobs, helping your company to be more organized and productive. As a result of data management, you can minimize potential errors by establishing policies and processes for usage, while building trust in your data as a basis for decision-making. Businesses and organizations can respond more efficiently to market changes and customer needs when they have accurate current data.


The business world is full of challenges, and many businesses struggle to find the right information at the right time.

Agitate: We help businesses make better decisions by providing them with a suite of tools that allow them to access data from multiple sources in real-time. Our products are designed for professionals who need access to accurate and up-to-date information about companies, partners, job seekers and more.

Solution: InterconnectDATA’s comprehensive database covers every aspect of company profiles including financials, news updates, competitor analysis, industry trends and much more. Our database also includes detailed information on thousands of private companies as well as millions of business contacts like investors & VC firms or advisors & mentors that can be used for due diligence purposes or networking opportunities.

About the Team

Maya Miranda Ambarsari (President Commissioner & Founder)

Maya Miranda Ambarsari

Maya Miranda Ambarsari is a mother, businesswoman, lawyer, philanthropist, and founder of Rumah Belajar Miranda and Interconnect Data. She is a well-known Indonesian entrepreneur. A President Commissioner at Teknologi Cakra Internasional, she oversees several of the company’s subsidiaries, including, Interconnect Data, and Reliable Business Services Additionally, she is one of the co-founders and owners of PT Merdeka Copper and Gold Tbk, which she owns with her husband, Andreas Reza. The companies are engaged in the exploration and extraction of gold, silver, copper, and other mineral resources. As a telecommunications business owner, she started her own company. After that, she got involved with an oil refinery and some other big names like Elliottii Residence, Gorjes Hair Salon & Lounge, and the e-commerce platform. She also owned Batamec Shipyard by the end of 2019. Her balanced approach to philanthropy and entrepreneurship makes her an inspiration to millennials all over the world. About Interconnect DAT, Maya says that the initiative would create business growth for startups and restore market transparency to the global marketplace.

Andreas Reza, Commissioner

Andreas Reza

Andreas Reza is the Commissioner of InterconnectDATA. Together with his wife, Maya Miranda Ambarsari, he has laid a strong foundation for the organization. He is regarded as a very seasoned businessman in the global business and commerce community. He started his business career in the mining and real estate sector in Indonesia and further excelled in them. He is the founder of PT. Merdeka Copper and Gold Tbk, two of the most renowned names in the Indonesian market. He led Interconnect Data in securing a license from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), where the data provided includes all public companies and Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in Indonesia. On the platform you can find various data that can be used for investment analysis, portfolio valuation, risk management, and quantitative analysis. Moreover, the company collaborates with S&P Global, an American company founded 160 years ago that has extensive experience in providing information and data that governments, companies, and individuals can use to make informed decisions. According to the founders and upper management of Interconnect Data, the platform will turn every piece of information and data into an insight, providing artificial intelligence that can accelerate progress in a changing world. They aim to provide authentic and valid information and data to help all companies, investors, startups, professionals and workers so that they can make informed business and financial decisions, determine business opportunities in global markets, and identify opportunities in various fields.

Rany Fardiany (CEO & Co Founder)

Rany Fardiany

In addition to being an entrepreneur and business manager, Rany Fardiany is a designer, FinTech expert, and philanthropist. Her company, Teknologi Cakra Internasional, is one of the leading information technology firms in the world. She also has an extensive background in education management, in addition to her years of experience as a Managing Director. During the last decade, she has mentored and trained a number of millennials in management, digital marketing, information security, training, eCommerce, and creative design. In addition to co-founding Interconnect Data with Maya Miranda Ambarsari, Rany also co-founded, which also works under the Teknologi Cakra Internasional framework. The company’s sole purpose is to provide design solutions for its clients. She is also involved in IT and consulting at Hamparan Sukses Mandiri. The company develops innovative and interactive software solutions for startups and large tech companies. She assists startups and SMEs in navigating Industry 4.0 as a member of ISACA Indonesia Chapter.

Iwan Ridwan, CTO

Iwan Ridwan

Iwan Ridwan is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Interconnect Data. He is really deemed as a tech connoisseur by the industry and has more than 20 years of experience under his belt.

He has previously served in the IT, manufacturing, and banking sectors as a Core Banking & Database Specialist. His role in the daily and long term operations of Interconnect Data is really vital. According to him, the Interconnect Data’s algorithm can predict market trends for different sectors in different regions. He further stated that first the firm will concentrate on the Asian and American markets since the Asian business community often struggles to get accurate information about companies due to the lack of complete and accurate data bases, which in turn results in a lot of mistakes when making investment decisions.



Abdullah Raaj

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