Getting to Know Bria White — One of the Most Fashionable Fashion Influencers

Abdullah Raaj
3 min readMar 21, 2022


Learn From the Best How to Be the Best

Starting your own fashion business or opening your boutique entails a combination of hard work, patience, passion, and lots of creativity. Although it may sound like a dream come true for any fashion designer to see his or her masterpiece featured in a fashion show or sold out in the market, there are some fashion connoisseurs who have done it all, like Bria White. Bria White is an American social media personality, model, Influencer & creative designer. She is known for her distinctive and outspoken style that is loved and admired by many.

Early Life

Bria was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland in a close-knit and loving household with both her parents and her younger twin sisters. Her parents played a very positive and instrumental role in shaping her into who she is today. Her father sacrificed a lot for her and her sisters. He ensured that they attended the best schools in Montgomery County, Maryland, and that provided her with great opportunities and much success early on in her life. Her father was determined to ensure that her sisters and she had access to the utmost opportunities in life. She further added “my parents are the reason why I was able to get a full scholarship to play basketball at the highest level in college while obtaining two degrees in the process.”

Some Fun Facts About Bria

Her favorite NBA player is LeBron James, she loves dirt bikes and watching UFC. Bria is an avid reader and enjoys learning new things. She also enjoys working out, shopping, traveling, and spending time with family. The inspiration behind Bria’s middle name is from the singer, Michel’le. She has younger identical twin sisters, and all of their initials are BMW.

Before Bria Became an Influencer

Bria is a former NCAA Division I college athlete. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Homeland Security with a concentration in Cybersecurity. She has had multiple brand partnerships and collaborations throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Being an Influencer

To be an influencer, you have to have influence and Bria White has just that. Many look to her for styling tips and she has an array of photographers who want to work with her. We delved into her Instagram profile and it is no surprise why people are beating her door down for a chance to work with her. Her print portfolio is impressive, with her unique look and modelesque figure, the clothing itself, is just the icing on the cake. From Moncler, to Dior, to Prada, Bria “puts it on,” and with the way she puts outfits together she’s almost certain to turn heads.

Her Journey to Becoming An Influencer and Model

Ironically, after basketball, Bria took a hiatus from social media. Many of her family and friends kept telling her she should model due to her style and stature. Being an influencer really chose me, Bria reflected when we asked her what made her become an influencer. “I started really taking it serious and going hard with it, maybe like mid 2021.” Bria collaborated with photographers and people really started taking to her brand. Almost instantly, other photographers, creatives, and brands reached out to her to collaborate. “It’s an amazing feeling and I’m just getting started, so I’m excited to see where it takes me,” Bria said with a big smile.

Excellence is a Habit

Bria really invests in herself, “it’s the best investment you can make, she explained. She further elaborated, “whether it’s mentally, emotionally, financially, I cannot fully be of service to anyone else until I’ve invested in myself in such a way that I’m qualified enough to be of service.” Some of the habits of her success entail: reading everyday, praying, mediating, speaking to one of her mentors, listening to anything motivational for at least 15 minutes and journaling her thoughts and new ideas.



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