Kendall Joshua is the teen icon shaking the music industry

Abdullah Raaj
3 min readDec 16, 2020

Imagine having a fanbase, a sea of admirers who want to see you perform live and want to be in your presence. Imagine having a loyal audience always on their toes to see what music you come out with next. The majority of people in this world can only dream of such things, but this is the grand reality of 19 year old music star Kendall Joshua.

Kendall Joshua has become a big figure in music for various reasons. Being a producer and renowned lyricists gave Joshua the formula to succeed, especially when you throw the use of social media and it’s viral effect on top of that.

Born on July 22nd 2001 and raised on Long Island New York, Kendall Joshua has quite the story. Joshua got an early start, producing since the age of 6 and rapping shortly after. Joshua grew up in Baldwin New York and attended Baldwin middle school and Baldwin Senior High school, which is also home to pop artist Melanie Martinez. Joshua became much known for her style and androgynous appearance as well. Joshua doesn’t claim a specific gender and has stated “people view me as they view me, but I don’t care about it nor do I have a problem with it. I look how I look and do what I do. There’s no way to describe me.. his or hers… it’s whatever. I’m not trying to be non conforming either I don’t think, I literally am this way.”

Living as an inspiration to those of all ages contributes to the success of Joshua’s music. Songs like “Aamon’s Lane,” “I Explode,” and “Wholly Love,” show the true spirit of this artist. The merging of electronic music with rap and pop make for a transformative sound, hence Joshua’s nickname: ‘KJTheRevolution.’

Even though she was a minor, Kendall was performing in night clubs and blowing huge crowds away being chauffeured by her father to these events and having him as her personal photographer. Joshua’s career took a turning point after the release of her 2019 album GANAR. The ten track album written and produced by her was named a ‘’motivational masterpiece,” and the 17 year old Wholly Love singer gained worldwide recognition as it got airplay. Kendall has a slew of supporters that she herself engages with, and that is where the magic is.

Not only does Joshua express immense musical talent, but Kendall Joshua also exudes entrepreneurship and has used her fame to launch her clothing line “F.E.A.R. Is Nothing But The Atmosphere.” To be so young and successful must be a great feeling, and although there is more to come for her, there is no doubt that Kendall Joshua is already an established figure in pop culture.






Abdullah Raaj

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