How Nicola Napolitano Revolutionized E-Commerce?

Abdullah Raaj
4 min readNov 25, 2020

Tackling Hurdles and Making Ways

Every soul on this earth wants to make wealth in this age of e-commerce. Yet quite a few of them succeed in doing so, that too in the last part of their age. Nicola Napolitano, a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing guru, on the contrary, reached the pinnacle of utter wealth in his early twenties. He is now regarded as the number one go-to person if you want to make your online business venture successful.

Nicola began his career by starting several small online stores. Some of those businesses went pretty well, and some had to shut down because of a lack of sales. But Nicola learned from them instead of being disappointed. It is perhaps his strength as compared to the other business and commerce tycoons roaming around. And because of his new and innovative approach towards sales and marketing, he is admired among the young crowd. He has helped many businesses maintain their online presence and boost their sales numbers by a pretty darn margin.

Global acceptance is a term often used to estimate the reach of an entrepreneur or influencer nowadays. So far, business minds from all age groups and ethnicities have availed themselves of his online services. You can find a twenty years old new entrepreneur as well as a seasoned sixty years old businessman in his client list.

If you have a business of any sort and you are still not promoting it online, then perhaps you are living under a rock. The majority of people draw their inspirations straight from the web. You need to incorporate your business venture and its philosophy (vision and mission statement) into that fine fabric of customer base existing online. Especially in these days of COVID, you would have witnessed that the future is online. If you have planned to do so, Nicola Napolitano is the man you need to approach. Things can get complicated sometimes to the extent that you sure do require the need of a guru to pull you out. It’s not just about the right marketing strategy. You also need to use the right social media platforms and integrate the right links with your product if you want to go down the path of affiliate marketing. All this requires a man of thorough knowledge, no doubt!

Young Nicola opened his eyes in the small city of Rionero, Basilicata in Italy in 1995. Since those were the terminating years of the 20th century, the dot com boom was at its epic. People used to discuss web-trends and tech-takeovers on the streets. All this also played a critical role in shaping his mind to be an online business expert in the years to come. He is the first to introduce digital marketing, e-commerce, and online PR in Italy. In addition to providing consultation to his clients and maintaining their e-commerce stores, Nicola has also collaborated with numerous celebrities and influencers and helped them achieve their online targets as well. Owing to his online strategies, many of his clients are making seven figures today.

Do you know what kills innovation and creativity? Confining yourself to a specific field does. After leaving a landmark in the field of online trading, marketing, e-commerce, and online PR, young Nicola ventured into the glamorous world of fashion and style with an emphasis on Instagram modeling. He has modeled for some of the most craved brands all around the world. Later on, Nicola began experimenting with music. He came up with his very own music brand. If you are wondering how well does he sing and perform, you can look him up online, controlling the crowd at Sanremo.

Right from early childhood, Nicola wanted to be different and excel while others merely wanted to live and survive. His online clothing store is a continuation of his philosophy of being different with style. Once he saw his clothing articles being highly admired and adored by the masses, he also launched a line of accessories. Among those accessories, his sunglasses gained overnight fame. The success and legitimacy of this venture can easily be verified by looking at the sales figure of 200K by March 2020.

“The world is yours if you want it”…these famous lyrics of a good old song seem to be what Nicola exactly did. One needs not to be afraid to experiment and venture into new fields. Failure is inevitable if you want to succeed. You have to fall to bounce back and prosper.

Nowadays, Nicola is giving back to society through his sessions and talks that he delivers to the young crowd and inspires them to be like him. Being well aware of all the ins and outs of the industry, Nicola tries to be honest with them and gives them the best pieces of advice that they can have. Millennials are going to look upon him as an inspiration, today and tomorrow.



Abdullah Raaj

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marking.