Introducing Anooja Bashir, the founder of OureaCorp, a one-stop solution to all your business needs

Abdullah Raaj
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


Starting a business or branding one can be a handful and outsourcing different firms for your needs can be expensive and time consuming. A start up from Kochi has just what you need for your business.

Ourea — a 360 degree business management consultancy, your one stop solution for all your business and corporate needs

What is Ourea?

Ourea is a rising Phoenix in the corporate world, which provides all and every solution for business management starting from Marketing, branding, IT, Training, HR solutions every possible need is solved here. Ourea gained its popularity and got featured in many popular and prominent newspapers and media for the innovative ideas and strategies proposed and followed by the organization.

Where did it all begin?

Ourea’s journey started with Ms. Anooja Bashir’s career shifted from a corporate woman with 20+ years of experience to the successful entrepreneur that she is today. Ms. Anooja Bashir, CEO, Ourea is a civil engineer graduate with different experience in a variety of job profiles starting from an assistant professor, project manager, marketing and sales manager to brand strategist, event planner and interior designer. After about a decade of experience in corporate and a few years in academia which lead to the realisation of the extensive drawbacks of the education system. This inferred the idea of a program called LIKES- Learning Key Employability Skills to bridge the gap between amazing talents and tremendous opportunities. The vision behind the LIKES was to transform potential talent into skilled professionals. This idea was a clear long shot hence failed multiple times. First due to lack of support and then a good team. The end result of this failure was to develop a revenue generating model which has the least chances of failure which was to create a 360 degree business management consultancy allowing to open windows for at least one vertical to bring revenue at a time. The idea was again neglected and criticized by many which again put many halts. But at last the right team was found and all experts collaborated to create Ourea in 2018.

Where does Ourea stand today?

Ourea has created 50+ brands, took 70+ workshops, mentored many startups, generated marketing and branding strategies for numerous clients and the list of services and success just goes on. The efforts and social steps taken by Ourea have been featured in many platforms and the CEO and founder, Ms. Anooja Bashir has been awarded the entrepreneur of the year 2020 and Women excellence award by Indian Achievers Forum. Their idea of managing HR with LIKES as a step to solve unemployability took a hike as it helped many organizations including Ourea, their sister concerns and associates with proved the worth of implementation. This was featured in Most Popular Stories and Woman entrepreneurs, India.



Abdullah Raaj

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marking.