Balancing the Yin and Yang, Chris Burke

Abdullah Raaj
4 min readFeb 5, 2021

An Engineer Turned Music Extraordinaire

Quite seldom you come across individuals having both their technical and creative sides working fine, at their full potential, that too at the same time. Usually, what happens is that one side of the brain dominates the other, and either you get labeled as a tech-nerd or a Utopian artist. But this didn’t happen with Chris Burke, a record producer, composer, and songwriter who has an avid experience working in almost all the genres of modern music, starting from country and pop music, all the way to EDM and Trance. Besides being a musician, he is also a certified mechanical engineer, making him the jack of all trades.

Nowadays, when you hear about Chris Burke, you will probably hear stuff like a music extraordinaire, EDM connoisseur, and whatnot. But all this has an interesting story behind it. It all started back when Chris was in his early teens, and he went with his father to a concert of Foo Fighters in 2007. It was his dream at that time, as he used to be a die heart fan of Foo Fighters, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, and Biffy Clyro, and still is. This whole craze of producing music was at such a peak for young Chris that he ended up with his music band, where he and his friends did a lot of experimentation on different music genres. Owing to those experiments, they came up with some remarkable singles and albums. Many of those got highly appreciated by the local and global crowd. They also started making money out of this little venture of theirs by 2017. All this appreciation and earning made them believe in themselves more. At that time, Chris and his friends were focusing on pop and country music. They released singles that catered to the demands of that specific audience. The main inspiration behind those tracks was Biffy Clyro, a Scottish music artist.

This streak of trying something new was present in Chris even then. Under the name Tenaya, he released a pop-rock album, Wanderlust, collaborating with David Chappell. Anyway, that was also one of the many phases of Chris’s life. 2019 came, and with it came a decisive turn in Chris’s life. Chris came to know about Calvin Harris. He would have known him before. I mean, he came to know about Calvin’s work through Bebo, a social media networking platform. The tracks of Calvin moved Chris to produce EDM tracks of his own. The creative side of Chris had been awakened by then. He started studying the dos and don’ts and the technicalities of this genre. After quite a round of skill polishing and experimentation, Chris released his first two tracks, Space and Time and Dreamers. Both of those became quite popular among enthusiasts. But they particularly became popular in clubs and house parties, owing to the psychedelic touch Chris infused in them. Talking about clubs, Never Really Liked You by Chris also got featured by Tiesto on his radio show, Club Life.

Gareth Emery is the person who introduced Chris to Trance. It was 2019, Chris was spending his vacations in Orlando, Florida. There he attended his concert and fell in love with trance music. And you might have gotten an idea that the story doesn’t end for Chris at merely taking inspiration. Instead, he goes to full depth to pursue something. Hence, he started producing trance as well, just like he ventured into EDM some years back. And this venture also went pretty well. The songs received a lot of admiration from the crowd, plus this time, Chris already had quite a reputable name in the market. So it also helped him establish his name in the Trance fan community as well. The Night was one such track by Chris that was hyped quite a lot by the enthusiasts. It was produced in collaboration with Eximinds, a Russian music producer, and got released on Suanda Records in 2020. Despite all the lockdown because of the Corona outbreak, it proved to be a big hit as the online response was quite encouraging. From online views, I remember it would be worthwhile to mention here that this young music artist has been successful in raising more than 3.5 million streams on Spotify, that too, in just the first year of his career. Even nowadays, he is not sitting idle as he is working on his new project, Hey Child, for its timely release on Tribal Tracks.

You can only be limited by yourself. The higher you think, the more you will achieve. Unlike the other artists, Chris didn’t confine himself to a single genre. From pop and country music, he moved towards EDM and then to trance. Chris remained true to his passion and produced music from his heart. As it is said, if it is from your heart, it will touch hearts!



Abdullah Raaj

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